C. R. Taxon
still just a guy
Divine Contact


The gods were lonely and sick of failure. The inorganic universe came together nicely, but sentient life eluded them. Each attempt yielded the same result: non-sentient beings, predictable to an extreme degree. Thoughtless reflections of the gods' emotional state at the time of creation. Not people.

Millenia of frustration and heartbreak passed with no solution. Eventually, the gods surrendered. They stitched a new planet to the hem of the universe and set their unthinking creations to manage it. Their only imperative: if life evolves, prevent it from dying off.

Then the gods left.

Billions of years later, they returned to find human civilization thriving where they left that soupy mess of proteins and potential. Mortal cultures refer to the fifty years following this discovery as the First Contact period.

First Contact is widely considered the worst disaster to ever strike mankind.

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Pages To Create:

  • Pantheon
  • Description of spirits/the gods' other creations
  • First Contact
  • The Walled Gardens
  • Countries and political scene as of 200 years post contact
  • Map, once I make a map that doesn't suck
  • Cultural notes on specific nations, including public attitudes on the gods
  • Cultural notes on the Sleth (fish people)
  • Linguistic notes (including one conlang)
  • Calendar and timekeeping system
  • Description of the Borali International Servantry
  • Degrees of Mediumship
  • Inherited divine power, sometimes referred to as "magic"