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I have only recently developed an interest in publication. That means none of my writing is available to read yet! If any of the below interests you, you can follow me on Twitter to get notified when new stories come out.
Novels and Novellas

Hold the Gate


Gatekeeper was not born to be human. Raised apart from the so-called "real world," her life has been dedicated toward one goal: ascension to godhood.

Of all the ways ascension can go wrong, she never expected to find it too easy.

As Gatekeeper's new powers reveal to her the baffling expanse of human society, she finds herself losing her grip on reality. It's all she can do to keep one foot planted there. She certainly can't hope to leverage her family to the mystic plane beside her.

So now this freshly-minted god must learn to be human. Before her mothers' ascensions comes human food, and making friends, and a part-time job at the local diner.

And, as her position between two worlds refuses to stabilize, one unthinkable question:

Would it be worse to ascend without her family, or to stay in the real world forever? To be alone in the only place that has ever felt right, or to remain with her mothers in a world that alienates her more with each passing day?

The Ache

Status: Draft complete. Editing underway.

The citizens of Prine Harbor like to call the Ache a disease. But disease can't explain a fraction of the maladies afflicting their city: curses, meteors of molten slag, the disappearance of whole families.

The Ache is not a disease. It cannot be cured.

When Claude Afshar attends a party whose host swears otherwise, he's in it for the food. If he's lucky, he can swing a place to sleep, too. He needs both things desperately. So he'll sit through whatever nonsense the host wants to pitch—but he's not interested in yet another cure-all from yet another charlatan.

He never expects to walk away with a new job. More money than he's ever seen, paid to indulge one eccentric medium's effort to cure the uncurable.

The work proves protifable in more ways than one. Claude's new regimen of séances and interrogations unveils the origins of the Ache. He finds himself tangled in a baffling conspiracy that lays blame at the feet of mediums, ritualists, demons, physicians, anyone who has ever fought off a cold...

...and Claude himself.

Out With the Bathwater

Status: Incomplete draft scrapped; plot revised; rough draft to follow Hold the Gate

Valyn cleans clothes. Valyn cleans people. Valyn cleans curses out of clothes and off of people. It's simple, satisfying work.

Until one day, when she scrubs away a curse and the man beneath it shrivels to nothing.

Everything Else

Short fiction, nonfiction, and maybe the occasional blog entry will go here... once they exist.