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Out With the Bathwater (web... thing)

Status: Drafting; prototype available now

Valyn cleans clothes. Valyn cleans people. Valyn cleans curses out of clothes and off of people. It's satisfying work—until one day she breaks a curse and the man beneath shrivels to nothing.

Out With the Bathwater is a high fantasy novel soon to be available, for free, on the internet. Expect the occasional illustration and lots of fun with what a handmade web format allows me to do.

Posting will commence later this year. Chapters will be put up one by one as I complete their bonus features. For now, the prologue is available here. Be sure to check out the notes on the landing page!

OWtB is my primary project and recieves the bulk of my attention. Follow me on mastodon or subscribe to OWtB's RSS feed to track updates!

Feyport (podcast)

Status: Full plot outlined; season one scripts in progress; test recording produced

Feyport [will be] a second-world fantasy travelogue hosted by the one poor bastard who can't do magic. Join shapeshifting host INH in his quest for Feyport: a legendary train station that takes you where you truly want to be. Along the way, he tracks down paper towns, stumbles into secret societies, takes part in festivals for birds, and gets lost in a series of impossible landscapes.

But INH isn't the only one searching for Feyport—and he'll soon realize his fellow seekers may do anything to board that train.

Expect slow news. Feyport is on the backburner while I complete other projects.

Novels and Novellas

I have only recently begun to consider seeking publication, so my stories are not currently available to read. You can view summaries here.